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Monthly $5 or Jerky Winners
March Winners
Jana Kornerova won $5 and Connie Seelye won the Twin bags of Jerky, Congratulations!
April Winners
Connie Oskarsson won $5 and Evelyn Tow won the Twin bags of Jerky, Congratulations!
Watch Your Email For Entry Instructions.
Monthly $10 Booby Prize
The December $10 Booby Prize Winner Is Chris Norman
The January $10 Booby Prize Winner Is Wendy Sue
The February $10 Booby Prize Winner Is Lois Field
The March $10 Booby Prize Is Patsy j Payne
Weekly Referral Contest Winners4-(6-12)-14
Joe Labbadia won $1.50
James Watt, Teresa Satterfield, and Robert Moreno won $0.50

Weekly Referral Contest Winners 3-(30-4-5)-14
Cheryl Parker won $1.50
Susan Shropshire, Nigel Bragg, Al Mundy won $0.50
Weekly Referral Contest Winners 3-(23-29)-14
Cheryl Parker won $1.50
Marie Perrelet, Tomas Miliunas, and Robert Walther won $0.50

Weekly Referral Contest Winners 3-(16-22)-14
Yew Foong Kuen won $1.50
Lorraine Malley, Marie Perrelet, and william rodriguez won $0.50

Weekly Referral Contest Winners 3-(8-15)-14
James Kosloske won $1.50
Hendra Prawira, camille grace perez, Doris Beckettewon $0.50

Members Letters

Upgrades With Benefite

Monthly $10 Booby Prize

$1 Random Prize Page Get Your New Ad in Promotional Mateial

Weekly InHouse Promos

Promo Winners

Minnow Monday
Nouradeen Al-Sharief, Zuzana Zbirkova,and Dawn Chew won $0.10

Tuna Tuesday
tony jp and Scott Hall won $0.10

Walleye Wednesday
Pinto Manto, Gheorghe Vlasin, Fox Thomas, Dale Rahfeldt ii, and Ratih Binadari won $0.10

Trout Thursday
David Lujan, Scott Hall, Shafqat Malik, and Maya van Doorn won $0.10

Fishing With Foy on Friday
Israel Adcock,Jinny Sowell, Mihai Gabriel Belu,Gerald Bartling,and Alan Lubart
won $0.10

Salmon Saturday
Robert J Seaton, ISSAM MRABOU, Fox Thomas, Sheryl Cole, Bennie Zawislak, and Martin Schulze won $0.10

Shark Sunday
Kate Mylett, Ivo de Bruijn, Rajanikanta Subudhi, Susan Mahoney, Francis Telesfort, Budisantoso Tjandrakesuma, and Craig Morrison
won $0.10

Monthly Promos

The Traffic Hot Spot and Surf Bass
David Dove won $1.00 and 100 Credits
marius marko, Rudy Ackaert, James Dennis and Joyce Tow
won $0.25 and 200 Credits

Magical Magical Monday
Lisa Simonetta won $1.00 and 100 Credits
Cristiana Roda, Joseph Petrosky, Michael Champion and gregory hester
won $0.25 and 200 Credits

Site Hits Pro and Surf Bass Go to Costa Rica Clicks
Edward Bader won $1 and 200 Credits
Fouad Lounoughi and Patty Powers won $0.50 and 150 Credits
Norman Shrader and Vladimirs Zimaikovs won $0.25 and 100 Credits

Surf Bass Goes Green at GoGreen
uiwe omoy won $1.00 and 200 Credits
zuzana zbirkova and June Pereira won $0.50 and 150 Credits
Janis Jaunzems and Stephen Nippwon $0.25 and 100 Credits

Tim Richesson and Jana Kornerova won 500 Credits


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