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Monthly $10 Booby Prize
The July $10 Booby Prize Winner Is Lois Field
Our $1 Winners for The June 3rd SurfBass Firewood Contest are Fouad Lounoughi, Lady V and Catharina Jongejan.
Monthly Referral Contest Winners For July 2014
June Pereira won $1.50
Cheryl Parker, Issam Mrabou and Windy Sue won $0.50

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Monthly $10 Booby Prize

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Minnow Monday
Jungyoul Lee, Kenne Ortega, and Gerda Butiene won $0.10

Tuna Tuesday
Nikita Lushte and Robert J Seaton won $0.10

Walleye Wednesday
Michae Combs, Israel Adcock, Darold Dre, Linda Rebiger, and Martin Schulze won $0.10

Trout Thursday
Darko Kandrac, Terrence W Christian, James Watt, And Albert Fuerderer won $0.10

Fishing With Foy on Friday
Alvin Corrigan, Omar Hemphill, Carol Icket, Gerda Butiene, and Tomas Miliunas
won $0.10

Salmon Saturday
Omar Hemphill, Ronald Higdon, Dale Taylor, Sibylle Stieglitz, Rob Griffis, and Mihai Gabriel Belu
won $0.10

Shark Sunday
Wendy Sue, Liz Korevaar,Linda Rebiger, Alexandr Myshkovskiy, German Mogilnikov, Viktar Liukin, and Ivon Velikova
won $0.10

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The Diamond Prize gives everyone a chance to win money every day they surf.
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